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The base for a way of life that leads to more loyalty




What is the Net Promoter Score?

Net promoter Score® (NPS®, is a simple and powerful tool that measures the customer loyalty with a single question and is expressed in a number. The proven methodology is innovative within the market research and is currently widely used in many customer satisfaction programs. Multi-Value too believes in the power of the NPS, not so much in the number itself, but much more in the ‘why’ of the grade. NPS is very easy to interpret across all levels of the organisation and thus reflects the corporate culture.


Stimulating every employee every day, to make the correct approach to customers, by showing the best side of himself/herself. This is the power of the philosophy of the Net Promoter Score, according to Multi-Value. Multi-Value wants to positively impact the behaviour of employees thanks to customer feedback and the customers’ will to whether recommend you or not. Constructive feedback is of great importance in this process.



For Multi-Value, the use of NPS is no additional KPI on which the employees are assessed, but a way of life. People who like to help others or like doing good, understand the philosophy of NPS the best.

During the practical NPS workshops, which we also call “Champions”-workshops, we support you in the “customer thinking” or the construction of a “customer first” culture. Everyone in a business has an impact on the customer, even though they might not be aware of it ( DISC ). Research has shown that approximately 75% of customers stop being a client due to a negative attitude of the employees.

The following topics are discussed in the NPS workshops:

  1. The meaning of a ‘customer first’ culture
  2. Everyone on board (the employees on the shop floor, administration, ICT, HR, logistics, internal and external services, CEO,…)
  3. The right person in the right place
  4. The feedback of the NPS results with the right people
  5. Instructions to the correct attitude
  6. Safeguarding the “customer first” culture

“Every night at ten past one, I receive an e-mail. In the first column there are the NPS, in the second, how many devices have been sold, in the third, the revenue that we did. Because that’s how it goes: Customer satisfaction is more important than price.”

Pieter Zwart – Coolblue

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